Shigeo KUBOTA 久保田 繁雄

Feeling of Jomon Ⅳ

Attempted powerful textile modeling with the idea of patterns and forms of earthen ware and dotaku made during the Jomon period in Japan.


born in a family who ran a family business of Nishijin-ori in Kyoto, so was familiar with weaving by nature. In the late 1960s, I studied dyeing and weaving at Kyoto City University of Arts. Inspired by the old folk style and traditional Japanese colors, I have been fascinated by the primitive and unfinished potentiality. Since the 1970s, my artworks have been selected for the International Tapestry Biennale for five times. I have a desire to express invisible things like sound of wind and waves in color, which creates characteristic elements of repetition.
I apply hemp, and plain weave fabric is sewn to create a structure.