Makiko Wakisaka 脇坂真祈子

1970 Born in Tokyo, Japan

1993 B.A. Keisen University. Faculty of Humanities

1994 Finished Kawashima Textile School


“Hidden strength inside the fragileness” “the things that cannot be seen but definitely exist” “Vagueness boundary”.

These are my theme of artwork.  

I use leaf veins for material. Its appearance is like lace and looks so fragile, but the line (vein) is the route to carry energy to be alive. 

To keep my artwork fragile and soft, I sew to connect leaf veins together with transparent nylon thread, not using glue or something to fix. The leaf is never identical and differ in shape, thickness, hardness, and warp condition. I try to express characteristics of each leaf having in my mind, how to utilize those leaves in my artwork.

I cut the leaf vein and make contrast with line and lacy surface.  This contrast makes beautiful shadow and silhouette.  

Solo Exhibition

2015 erosion (Gallery Pause  Tokyo, JAPAN)

2013 cell -microcosmos- window installation  (Gallery Pause  Tokyo, JAPAN)

2010 Fiber Art made by leaf veins  – power inside fragility-  (Gallery Bonbra / Tokyo, JAPAN) 

1996 chrysalis  (Gallery Yoyogi Tokyo, JAPAN)

1995 chrysalis  (Gallery Pause  Tokyo, JAPAN)


2019 International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art small format (Museo Del Traje SPAIN)  First Prize
2017 Fantastic Fibers (Yeiser Art Center KY U.S.A.) Second Place
1999 Textile kultur Haslach LOOK THROUGH transparent plants(Vonwiller building Haslach AUSTRIA)

Special Prize & People’s choice First place
1998 International Biennial of Miniature Textiles (Szombathely Art Museum Szombathely HUNGARY) Grand Prix 
1995 Takaoka Crafts Exhibition ( Takaoka Cultural Hall Toyama / Ozone Plaza Tokyo JAPAN) Jury Prize

Recent Exhibition

2022 CONTEXTILE (Palácio Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Guimarães PORTUGAL)
2021 ASIA EUROPE 5 (Poikilo Museums Kouvola FINLAND / TAMAT Tournai BELGIUM)
    Textile Art of Today (Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum Bratislava SLOVAKIA /
                     Pesti Vigado Gallery Budapest HUNGARY / Tatra Gallery Poprad SLOVAKIA)
    International Mini Textile Competition (Musées d’Angers Angers FRANCE)
    Textile Art Miniature 7 (Gallery 5610 Tokyo JAPAN)
    Basketry Exhibition in Kumamoto (Shimada Art Museum Kumamoto JAPAN)
    miniartextil como (Villa Olmo Como ITALY)
2019 Cheongju International Crafts Competition  (Culture Factory Cheongju KOREA)
    Asia Fiber Art Exhibition  (Balai Seni Visual Negara Kuala Lumpur MALAYSIA)