Tohru Ohtaka 大高 亨

1964          Born in Akita, Japan 1964

1988          B.A. Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan.

1988-1997    Designer of Kawashima Textiles Co.,Ltd.

1997~         Established Design office of “T.O.TEX.STUDIO” in Kyoto, Japan.

1999-2012    Associate professor, Textile division, Kyoto University of arts, Japan.

Current        Professor, Textile Course, Craft division, Kanazawa College of Art, Japan.

37 Solo Exhibitions

 GalleryGallery / Kyoto, Japan・Gallery Suzuki / Kyoto, Japan

 Gallery NW house / Tokyo, Japan・Gallery Saiensu / Morioka, Japan

 White Gallery / Kagoshima, Japan・Wacoal Ginza Art Space / Tokyo, Japan

 PS14Gallery / Pusan, Korea. MA Gallery・Shimacyo / Fukuoka, Japan

Senbikiya Gallery / Tokyo, Japan・Art Life MITUHASHI / Kyoto, Japan

 AOAO Top Window Gallery / Kyoto, Japan・Gallery PLANNET / Nagoya, Japan

Gallery MARUFUKU / Kyoto, Japan・Komatsu Craft Space / Akita, Japan

Art Salon Ryubo / Okinawa, Japan・G -WING’S GALLERY / Kanazawa. Japan

 Gallery cafe Gunjo / echizen, Japan・Gallery Keifu / Kyoto, Japan

Gallery 0, Ohtsu / Japan・Kobo, Tokyo, Japan

Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts / Kanazawa, Japan

Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2017         Citation from contemporary Textile Art, Taiwan / Kanazawa Art Interchange Exhibition.                                  21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, Japan.

2016         15th international Triennial of Tapestry, Łódź 2016, Prize Medal of The Central Museum

  of Textile, Poland.

2013         The8th Cheongju International Craft Biennale. Cheongju, Korea.

2012         Luminous/ Exchange exhibition of Ukeraine and Japan. 

PROMO-ARTE PROJECT GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan. Gallery of National Artists’Union, Kherson,


2007         Japanese Suppleness / Gjethuset, Galleri SPOT, Ågalleriet in Frederiksvaek, 

Culture Center in Fredericia, Denmark.

2006       The International Biennial Exhibition on Textile Art “Scythia6″/ Kherson, Ukraine. 

2005~06     8th International Triennial of Miniature Textile in Angers / Anger, France.

2005         TEXTILE 05 -KAUNAS ART BIENNIAL-(INVITATION) / Kaunas, Lithuania.

2005         4th International Biennial of Mini Textile “The Open Letter”/ Lithuania.



2003         Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2003 / Cheongju Art Center, Korea. 

1998         Imaginations ’98 Japanese Textile Miniature / Gasthuiskapel, Popringe, Belgium.

1992         The 3rd International Textile Competition’92 -kyoto- / The Museum of Kyoto, Japan.

Statement: The work is machine embroidery on the print cloth. The embroidery produced an interference pattern on the print cloth that generated the moiré patterns with optical illusions, like the work to dazzle or fascinate by the crease in the cloth of embroidery and shrink with embroidery.